Come to the conference of all political parties!

Why a Public Transport Conference ?

The only serious form of dealing with improvements for public transport in Hamburg
is surely a Congress whose participation of all citizens and parties conveys
the knowledge that Hamburg needs for his modern future electric mobility!

Electric vehicles are a potentially significant route towards low-carbon transport.
But widespread adoption of e-mobility will lead to greater consumption of electricity.
Existing electricity systems will need to be reconfigured to meet these needs
if non-reliance on fossil fuels is to increase.

Electromobility moves increasingly public transport systems in many cities in Germany,
in Europe and

the taillight in Europe
for its public transport standards!

Everybody knows that
electric vehicles are a potentially important key to low carbon transportation.
emanating from a point source can be purified better directly than tons of automobile exhausts
that pollute the
air we breathe.

ir quality of the city has suffered badly. Limits for SO2 and Nx-suspended particles are widely exceeded in the City of Hamburg. Therefore, the EU environmental requirements must be fulfilled without further extensions so the population of all districts of town can breathe freely again.

The 3rd Transport Conference Hamburg calls for a
public debate
on the public traffic forum dealing with topics around >>>

The introduction of EURO-Standards

3. Transport Conference

Public Forum Hamburg

     Options for future transport policies under discussion
with politicians, personalities, scientists, technicians, industrialist

Looking for solutions to tangibly improve future Public Transport in Hamburg
The evaluation of existing plans to improve the transport systems,
the finance and construction thereof




d'ART media
    RSV RevolutionStadtverkehr
PSH Pro Stadtbahn Hamburg e.V.

sLet us welcome progress coming to town!

All citizens and residing guests of Hamburg 
are invited to express their ideas 
to help advance overdue  
changes in the public transport sector. 

Everybody is encouraged to make public 
his/her concepts in order to receive 
a wider perception on the forum.